Men’s Grooming – Tips to Keep You Looking Great

Appearances are so important in this fast-paced life we lead. Whether we like or not, people tend to make a judgment on the way we look and this first impression can color how they see us as a person. Personal grooming is one area that is available to every man to improve his image. Once the domain of women, grooming products are now widely marketed for men. Here are some helpful tips to help men create a great impression by focusing on personal grooming.

The Skin
The skin is the largest organ in the body, and is subject to the same laws as all our organs – if it is stressed for long enough, it will fail. Modern life places incredible stress on our bodies, and the skin is the first contacts with air pollution, chemicals in the water and air conditioning. The health of our skin is also affected by what we eat and drink – caffeine-high products, smoking, foods high in fat and sugar and alcohol all add stress to the skin.

* Cleanse the face and neck with a soap-free cleanser, at least once a day. Specialty facial cleansers are designed to clean deep into the layers of the skin and remove dirt and toxins.

* Use an oil-free facial moisturizer with an SPF15 or higher every day to hydrate the skin and protect from sun damage.

* Once or twice a week, use a facial scrub to remove dead skin cells and revitalize the skin. This is called exfoliation and it leaves the skin feeling fresh and improves the look of dull skin.

* Use an effective underarm, antiperspirant deodorant to always be fresh.

Razor burn is the scourge of shaving for many men. It is caused by the friction of the razor as it passes over almost invisible folds in the skin, and is irritated more by hot water, chemicals in shaving products and sweat.

You can reduce, and even eliminate, razor burn by altering your shaving technique.

* Using an exfoliant regularly removes the dead skin cells which can clog a razor.

* Use a lotion based shaving cream rather than soap, which tends to be drying. The lotion gives a slick surface for the razor to glide over.

* Wet your face with warm, water and apply the shaving cream, using a shaving brush. (this helps to lift the hairs) Leave for 2 minutes to soften the bristles.

* Use a triple bladed razor as it is more efficient. Pull the blade in the direction the hair grows, not against – this is the most common cause of razor burn.

* Leave the toughest stubble till last to allow extra softening time for those hairs.

* Rinse off any residue – it may cause irritation. Apply an after shave balm – a great balm is pure aloe vera gel, which is soothing and healing to the skin.

The Hair
Make sure the style you choose is appropriate to the look you are trying to achieve. Invest in an appointment with a good hair stylist (doesn’t have to be expensive) and ask for advice on what styles would suit your face shape. Once you have a really good styled cut, it is much easier to keep your hair looking good.

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